VersaCourt Game Courts

As an authorized dealer and installer for VersaCourt game court systems, Tour Greens South Texas specializes in the development of custom indoor and outdoor game courts for a variety of sports and activities. From custom sized basketball courts to fit any space, to popular pickleball courts - bring your space to life with a Versacourt game court.

Every VersaCourt game court is designed using the most innovative tiles on the market, ensuring a safe, reliable playing surface to play all of your favorite sports. With endless custom options and game lines, Tour Greens South Texas can design a court that meets all of your activity requirements, transforming your backyard or facility into a recreational paradise!

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The VersaCourt Tile Advantage

VersaCourt game courts look better, feel better and perform better than asphalt or concrete surfaces. The innovative tile design and our unique six-point locking system creates a seamless playing surface that allows for consistent ball bounce and response and unmatched playability.

VersaCourt offer a variety of unique game court tile products that are designed for multi-sport adaptability and enhanced performance for specific applications. 

Design & Installation

The team at Tour Greens South Texas can outfit your home or facility with the ultimate multi-sport game court. From home basketball courts to ITF-rated tennis courts, and popular pickleball courts, our design and construction team can evaluate your space, develop recommendations and provide turkey installation including excavation, subsurface preparation, and final court and accessory assembly.

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